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wow I really haven't posed since April? could have sworn I have. oh well. I've lost 9 pounds since going back to Dance. my joints are getting a bit better with all the meds and exercise. Meredith has developed a huge obsession with monster high. she also insists that Ein goes trick or treating with us for Halloween.  lol looks like ill be dressing up as Edward from cowboy bebop this year.

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So I've been wracking my brain on what to get david for his birthday. I wanted it to be something really special because his birthday gets overshadowed by the anniversary of mom's death (she died the day before his birthday). So I had this chance to have a pro. photoshoot done for an awesome price (normally $650 but got it for $75 through the foundation) with full hair and make up and everything else so I jumped at it. What I'm going to do is take the pics and make a photobook, styled after a children's bedtime story. It was a rock and roll themed shoot so the title of the book is going to be "David's Birthday Present {*A Rock'n Roll Bedtime Story*}" and it's all about how I'm trying to find the best birthday present but in the end I realize whatever I get him he will love because he loves me. The shoot was so much fun and I totally can't wait to see the pictures.
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Miracle for Macsen Foundation

About 3 months ago some very good college friends of mine (Alex Senecal-Miller and Aaron Miller) found out that thier unborn son had a condition called HLHS. It basically means that the left side of his heart is sevearly underdevelope. When he is born in september he will have to undergo several surgeries just to survive. They have been travelling all over the country to different children's hospitals for tests and whatnot and the last I heard they had decided on CHOP (childrens hospital of philidelphia) being their main place. At the end of august Alex will move there and give birth to baby Macsen while Aaron and their two daughters travel back and forth.

So alot of us got together and created the Miracle for Macsen Foundation and we are doing a lot of fundraisers to try and help raise money for them. Below are some online stuff you guys can do if you want. I know most of you arent around the area so I'll leave out the in town stuff. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.

Restaurant.com Fundraiser

T-shirts and other cool garb

Link for monetary donations

Also my jewelry business has designed a jewelry line just for this and all proceeds go to the foundation. We have necklaces, earrings, and pins. The designs have been approved and we are in current mass production. I'll put the link up here just as soon as I get it.
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and the orders are in

david finally got his orders and they were no help at all. all they say is he's going to San Antonio but not for how long. so he called his new unit and they highly recommended him leaving us here since he is going to be so busy anyways. so Looks like me and the kids will be bunking in with dad for 6 months. at least it should be a painless 6 months

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being sick with a sick kid sucks

Meredith was coughing for a while, but didnt think anything of it because because the weather is god awful. Then I tried to wake her up wednesday morning for school and she wasnt budging. So not normal for her. And she was really burning up so I took her to the doc and found out she had an upper respitory infection and strep. Poor baby. She's out of school till monday. This morning and I woke up with my left ear swollen shut and in immense pain. Today has not been enjoyable.

Bless the hubby for pulling out the canopy top and started painting it. Sadly I thought 3 cans of spray paint would cover a 10x10 canopy.  lol not so much. Went back to the store and bought the last 3 cans they had of the color and am hoping they restock soon. Taking a trip to dothan to pick up supplies that I can get locally and dont need to order. And Roxy has been busy all week making rosaries. Honest to god rosaries. Im taking dipped in rose oil and blessed by a priest rosaries. When she told me she was doing this all week, my only thought was "wow, could we charge more since they are blessed and not just pretty jewelry?" Yes I'm going to hell and enjoying the ride.

I am going to have to find some time and take a break from all the jewelry soon before my head explodes.
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Stress Stress Stress

  Oh dear lord why did I think entering Piney Woods this year was a good idea? Oh yeah, being an award winning jewelry business is much better than just being a jewelry business.

Outdoor 10x10 canopy - check
paint for the canopy - check
business cards - check
business licence (we are legal baby!) - check
mechandise bags - check
labels to put on the mechandise bags - check
displays - check
enough jewelry to down in - check

And trust me you dont even want to know how much that cost. Piney woods is March 24-25th and after that we will be at the St. John's Montessouri Academy's Spring market April 14th. After that is the huge rash of festivals at Ft. Rucker. The only one I'm really stressed out about is Piney Woods. I know my stuff sells, and sells well, its just is it good enought to get an award? We shall see.

If all goes well and the mail gods are kind, I'll be unveiling the first 3 peices of my high end line. I've loved George RR Martin's series a song of fire and ice for a long time, and when hbo turned it into a live action series that very closely resembled the books I loved it even more. So I decided to design a high end line inspired by the major family groups in the books. The first will be a sterling silver and moonstone peice representing the Stark Family, second a 14k gold and garnet peice representing the Lanister family, and third will be a 14k gold and ametrine representing the Tyrell Family. I totally can't wait till they are done. 
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Wow it's been a while

Somehow I kinda forgot Livejournal existed......

Things have been good, bad, and everything inbetween. I'm super busy all the time with work, a 5 year old in kindergarden, and an almost 3 year old that has to hop back and forth between here and ohio every third month. Court orders suck sometimes.

Got a new car and then 3 days later proceeded to get into an accident. Over $2000 worth of damage. Having full coverage insurance rocks socks because there is no way in hades we could afford to pay that to get it fixed and back to pristine wonderful.

My jewelry business has taken off like a rocket. To the point where I'm seriously overwhelmed. Luckily my partner in crime (and now business partner) has all that under control. Main goal will be a storefont within the next 3 years or so. Go business planning!

Between all of that and my normal everyday job of webmaster, I managed to squeeze in a doc appt. or two and the results are in. I have Cutainous Discoid Lupus, which means I have Lupus of the skin. Going outside in the sun, or being really stressed out will cause me to break out in "lesions" that greatly resemble acne. So all those years of buying ance facewashes were a total waste. The good side of it being I only have the annoyances of Lupus, not the bad stuff. I get sick all the time, look like a pizza when I forget to slather my special sun block stuff on, and have rhumatoid arthritis, but none of it will affect my internal organs.

Yeah, I think that covers everything. Hi Everybody!
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3 days

Im getting married in 3 days. So much has gone on and noy all of it good. The dress i ordered didnt show up on time and thought iy lost so i bought a new dress. Which turned out to be a good thing because the originl dress came and it was aweful. Mothers sixpence is missing so i bought one on line. Was worried about the flooding in new orleans but turns out it ddt flood at all. 3 days to go...
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Operation Daddy's comming home is in full swing!

Ive been gone for a while, mainly because getting on the net at my house is a pain. But will be having another outlet installed to cut out that problem.

David is comming home on monday! So excited. We were planning on making a huge sign that said "Welcome home daddy, where's my present" but Tosha came up with a 100 times better idea. David and I told Mere the planes got mixed up so he wont be comming home till the end of the month. On monday Tosha is going to pick Mere up at daycare and tell her I'm working late because the computers at work crashed. I'm going to be at base picking david up at the time. Me and him will rush back so I can put him in a box and wrap it up. Tosha is going to drop mere off and have my camera. I'm going to tell her that daddy sent a present and she should open the box. Tosha will take picks while all the fun ensues.

Wedding date has been set and even set up. Leaving may 25th for new orleans to get all the lovely licences and waivers and then we get married on the 26th at 10 am. We will spend 4 days in  New Orleans and then we are going to go to Ohio for a week so I can meet his family and we can get Riley. Meredith will be us for the ohio part. Oh so much going on.